Personal Information: My name is Payton, my pronouns are she/her. I’m from Pittsburgh! One thing that I think makes me special is that I’m adopted from Guatemala. I love animals, cooking and traveling. I also like art, I prefer drawing and painting. I don’t currently have anything planned for this semester that’s particularly noteworthy, I’m a go with the flow kind of person.

Learning Style & More: In order for me to be comfortable taking both intellectual and creative risks, I like to have a concrete rubric so I can do what’s expected of me but have the flexibility to do what I like and will help me learn. I also like working in small groups or individual projects and I do best with hands on experience.

What Have You Been Reading?: Open ended creativity is important to me and my view on education. I think that giving students the ability to do what’s best for them through intrinsic motivation is incredibly important to their learning process. Furthermore, there’s a lot of teachers who expect their students to do mind numbing assignments that don’t expand their minds and I never want that to be me. In an article I found on creative teaching, the author wrote, “creativity also directly enhances learning by increasing motivation, deepening understanding, and promoting joy” (Davis, 2018). This article gives a lot of suggestions on how to create opportunities for creativity and I particularly like this idea of the Da Vinci notebook that Davis writes about and it provides a space for students to write/draw whatever was interesting for them. Here’s the link (it’s definitely worth the read):

For Dr. Shutkin: As a teacher yourself, do you find that the advancement in technology (ex: Zoom teaching) has been hard to keep up with from when you first started teaching?

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